I love love and genuinely love celebrating it

Melbourne may have birthed me, but Sydney captured my heart in 2018. By 2020, I was exchanging vows in this vibrant city, and today, I juggle the intricacies of clinical trial operations while cherishing the joys of family life with my two little stars.

Now, about that time my partner and I were planning an all-out Tamil Hindu wedding bash in the middle of a pandemic. Plans changed, guest lists shrunk, but most I was on regular watchout on the travel rules to ensure my siblings and closest friends and family could all make it – and they did. End result? An unforgettable celebration that even COVID couldn’t dampen!

Despite the chaos, our wedding and the lead up to it were some of the best days of my life! I have always loved going to weddings, watching love being celebrated and of course the food and dancing, but it was after my wedding I knew I needed to be in the heart of where love stories shine brightest. So, I’ve donned a new hat: your trusty wedding celebrant!

I’m a Commonweath-registered marriage celebrant authorised by the Attorney General’s Department of the Australian Government to solemnise marriages across Australia. You can find my registration details here (Sutharssna Sanmugasundram).

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